About Rod

Rod is a non-profit company working to make this planet livelier, greener and more diverse. The company is rooted in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, but is currently spreading out rhizomatically.

Pronounced [ˈʁoˀð], Rod means root, or mess in Danish. This dual meaning is at the heart of what we do:

[Rod] as in plant root. Give more space for budding life and let us deal with our challenges by addressing the root of a problem.

[Rod] as something that is messy, wild or chaotic. Let’s challenge the norms that keeps us surrounded by barren lawns and sterile fields and allow our environment to become wilder, livelier and more messy! Rod does not seek to be nice and tame. We choose to throw ourselves into projects with unruly energy and untamed creativity.

Rod gains most of its nutrients from Nina Tofte Hansen, who has a master’s degree in Natural Resources & Development and experience in the development of events and educational materials. Rod mycorrhizae connect to a variety of other partners including Natural History Museum Aarhus, Vild med Vijle, and Daniel Jones, a consultant research communication and educational design.

Our current work focuses on creating playful ways to imagine a more-than-human democracy.

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Nina Tofte Hansen
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones