The cutest beetle in town

Tobias Sandfeld is ambassador of “the little bumble beetle” (Trichius rosaceus). In his own words, one of the cutest beetles in Denmark. This, furry little bee that imitates the yellow-black colours of a bumble bee, pollinates flowers and loves the flowers of brambles. When young, the beetle needs rotting, sun-exposed wood, which is a rarity in cities, where dead wood is often considered “mess” which needs to be cleaned up.

Tobias is biologist and loves to share stories about the fascinating species in our urban habitat. As a species ambassador, Tobias has reached out to politicians and members of the city council of Aarhus and offered guided tours, introducing them to some of the wonders of urban nature. On the photo above you see Tobias (to the left) guiding three local politicians through one of the parks of Aarhus.

Tobias is also very active participant in debates in local newspapers and social media. Recently, he interfered in a case where the municipality of Aarhus were felling trees near a playground in one of our parks. The trees were considered dangerous as they were aging. He encouraged the municipality to leave the tree trunks which would create a more interesting playground and a possible habitat for birds, mushrooms – and the little bumble beetle of course.

The cutest beetle in town, Trichius rosaceus: