Linden Tree Ambassador Hannah

Hannah Dybbro is ambassador of the linden tree. Hannah lives in Linden Street in Aarhus – which, ironically, is a street without a single linden tree! Originally, Hannah was driven by a wish to plant linden trees in her street and this made her take on the challenge to become linden tree ambassador. She is fascinated by the shape of the tree, the amazing smell of its flowers and the many stories connected to this mythical tree.

Today, Hannah is engaged in improving the official policy of trees of Aarhus Municipality. Her focus is making room for the old trees and making urban planners, politicians and other decision makers understand the important role that old trees play in the ecosystem -also in our cities.

In the photo above, Hannah is discussing trees and urban planning with local politician and member of the city council Steen B. Andersen. Notice her beautiful ear rings made from the flowers of the linden tree.

Photo below: Linden trees being felled in Aarhus. These almost 100 year old trees were considered “dangerous” and were felled in 2012. If the linden ambassador had been consulted, perhaps a less drastic solution could have been found?