Arternes Aarhus


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This year Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, is the European Capital of Culture. The theme for 2017 is “Let’s Rethink”, inviting everyone to explore creative solutions to local and global challenges. Of course, Rod has been doing some thinking too! We have decided to rethink nothing less than Aarhus’ democracy.

Together with Rethink Urban Habitats we are launching the project “Arternes Aarhus” where we will help reshape our democracy to include more than just the humans. Through Arternes Aarhus – roughly translated as “the city of the species” – our fellow furry, feathered and leaf covered citizens will recruit a human ambassador to speak on their behalf.

Ambassador of the seagulls

Familiar urban species like seagulls, linden trees and squirrels will each have their own ambassador. As will some of the lesser known species such as the bee beetles and the parti-coloured bats. In total, 31 different species will each receive an ambassador selected from those of Aarhus’ human citizens who wish to step forward and volunteer for this honourable task. The ambassadors are to be elected early spring 2017 and represent their species throughout the year. They will take part in events and panel debates with prominent (human) citizens as well as shaping the daily debate in social and traditional media.

Want to get involved?

Rod and Rethink Urban Habitats are currently developing the details of Arternes Aarhus and you are invited to take part! We would love to hear from you, if you are interested in supporting or getting involved in one way or the other. Get in touch with us if you are an artist, graphic designer, activist or researcher – or if you are neither, but are simply feeling intrigued. Write us here.



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