To bee or not to bee ambassadors

Jeppe Lørring Ejlersen and Lene Sick Ejlersen are son and mother and together they are ambassadors of the tawny mining bee. This little, beautiful bee with the significant reddish-tawny back is one of the many wild bees that could need a helping hand.

12-year old Jeppe likes bees; “in some ways bees are cuter than rabbits”, he says. Jeppe has introduced some of his friends to the life of wild bees and recently his school planted a lot of bee-friendly plants in their school yard. His mom, Lene, says that being an ambassador has changed her way of experiencing the city. She has started appreciating wild flowers that other citizens might refer to as “weeds” and noticing whether a park or garden is “insect-friendly” or not.

The beautiful tawny mining bee: