The herring gull (sølvmåge) is a bird of conflict. On one side, it is an iconic figure of the sea and life by the harbour but on the other side it is viewed as a pest in the cities. There’s so much we need to learn about these birds, and this is a real opportunity to look at how we can live comfortably in Aarhus with our wild companions, and do the best for both birds and people. I am curious to know more about their natural behaviours in rural and urban areas, and despite their unpopular reputation, they are indeed important for our eco-system.

Lauren Dobing is the ambassador for the ’sølvmåge’. She has a Bachelor in ‘Marine and Natural History Photography’ and hopes to one day work in the environmental field. With her passion for natural history photography, She is to communicate her personal vision which is to try and help make room for both nature and people. She has currently moved permanently from England to Aarhus and has fallen in love with the city!