We associate the owls with night, darkness, wisdom and magic. In books and movies the owls are often related to wizards and witches. For some cultures, like the Japanese, the owl drives away bad luck and attracts prosperity. The Celts considered the owl a special animal with the faculty to alleviate the disease and the bad karmic energies. But these are only fantasies and superstitions.

The truth is that the owl is an amazing and unknown animal. Did you know that once the owl is stablished in a territory, it does not leave it? In fact, they rarely move more than 10 km away from their growing area. Did you know that once they have formed pairs, they become together for the rest of their lives?

Elena Otero is one of the ambassadors of the species tawny owl. She moved to Aarhus from Galicia (Spain) two and a half years ago and fell in love with the Danish crazy weather. She loves nature, walking through the forest and running along the beach. She has chosen to be an owl-ambassador because she found out that people do not know so much about owls, we are destroying their habitats and we do not even realize it. Or maybe it was because of her Celtic roots 😉