“Like all trees, the Oak is a beautiful example of an organism providing us with oxygen to breathe and leaves for shade while hosting habitat for all kinds of different species; increasing the biodiversity. Besides this, Oaks are real “lookers”: The deep coarse bark, characteristically lobed leaves and of course the acorns. Oaks can become very big, very old and can grow in distinctive and unique shapes -when given the space and the time. In every stage of the Oak’s lifetime there are different species benefiting from the Oak (think: birds, insects or mammals), even after the tree dies there are species being aided by the Oak’s remains (think: worms, fungi or ants)! So, Oaks are amazing. Not just for us to enjoy and benefit from, but for many many other species as well! That is why I, as ambassador of the Oak, desire more Oak trees, which will get the time and space to grow old and impressive!”

Andrea Mulder is Ambassador of the Oak. She is from the Netherlands, but currently lives in Aarhus. She is very interested in landscapes, plants, animals and just nature in general. In September she will begin studying a MSc in Forest and Nature Conservation. She is currently learning Danish and loves visiting the deer at Dyrehaven, dancing a bit of salsa at Folkestedet and enjoying the diverse Danish pastries!